WILL KAHN, Studio Manager, Engineer

Will was born in the small town of Bolinas, Ca where he quickly developed a love for Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop, and Funk music. At 18 years old, he moved to Santa Cruz, his current home base. He has played with the band SambaDá for over 10 years, as a drummer, percussionist, and guitarist. Will has recorded in Brazil, and the US. A full time member of the band SambaDá, will has learned about production and engineering from the bands' producer, Greg Landau and Paradise Recording owner Rich Williams. Will co-produced SambaDá's most recent album "Gente" with Greg, and is
the producer for the latest work by the Banana Slug String Band's newest album "Only One Ocean".  Will loves to cross musical borders as is evident in his musical production. An avid lover of contemporary styles as well as folkloric traditions, he brings the two world together with global sounds.
RICH WILLIAMS, Head Engineer

The soul of Paradise Recording is none other than Rich Williams. His experience in music is extensive. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He then furthered his education, graduating from the California Recording Institute. While at UCSC, his depth was in DSP based hardware design, digital and analog electronics design, music synthesizer software design, and audio signal processing. He also studied music theory and composition. While at CRI, he studied the recording arts in a fully operational million-dollar studio, the Music Annex. Equipment included a Neve console and Studer 24 track analog multitrack decks. Studies included running a recording session, Pro Tools, alignment of multitrack, and all relevant subjects of modern recording, mixdown, and mastering, both analog and digital. More than 15 years of professional recording experience under his belt has helped him fine tune all these skills, as well as develop new ones. In addition to running a full service analog and digital recording studio, Rich is the owner and gear designer for BURL AUDIO, a developer of cutting edge studio gear.

As well as being a recording engineer, Rich is also an accomplished musician. He is the lead singer of the psychadelic, funk-rock band Burlacticus Undertow, who have garnered rave reviews in the Bay Area. He is an extremely clever lyricist and plays a major role as an arranger. Being a musician gives Rich the unique ability to truly understand the intricacies of every project that comes through Paradise Recording’s door.

Rich’s love of music encompasses a vast range of genres and styles. He is known to play funk, jazz, rock, and hip hop all in one day. He truly appreciates the beauty in all good music, making him the ideal engineer and producer. Rich is also a practicing reverend of the Universal Life Church. He has officiated over three wedding ceremonies, as well as performing
many hot tub baptismals.
JOHN MARSHALL HANSEN, Assistant Engineer

Rock & Roll Record Recorder from the New York City Scene. Jon has tracked, mixed, mastered,
and produced several major and independent records. Among these are the last three record releases from Ever Reviled Records. Jon loves Paradise for its warm old school analog tone, not
to mention the best Analog to Digital Converters currently available in this universe. Jon eats, sleeps and breaths music. Every God Damn Day!

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