Paradise Recording is a full service recording studio offering state of the art analog and digital recording, mixdown, and mastering.  We offer the best of both digital and analog worlds and accommodate any type of music.

At the heart of Paradise is a Studer A-800 mkIII; a 24-track 2-in. analog machine which offers pristine sound quality and amazing warmth.  Paradise is also well equipped with a Pro Tools HD2 system with 24 analog inputs and 32 outputs with state-of-the-art BURL AUDIO B2 Bomber Converters, created and developed by Rich Williams, Paradise Recording owner.

We also offer services in music production, CD duplication, album design, DVD audio mixing and mastering, web design, album design, and more.

Since we have been working in the Santa Cruz community for over 15 years, we can direct you to some of the most talented people in the area and help you get the most out
of your music!

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